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Re: New Image Released Showing Harrison With Raised Spinal Ridges

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I remember spending hours back in the eighties debating who "the other" Yoda mentioned in Empire was. It's inevitable that people are going to speculate about upcoming high-profile movies.

Just as long as people remember they're just theories.
Not to mention the absolutely nutty hoopla surrounding the identity of the final fifth Cylon. I remember reading essays on the internet that read like veritable philosophy texts with all the speculation going on. (I of course knew who it was the whole time and was delightfully proven correct...even though none of the internet "experts" figured it out )
I guessed 3 out of the first 4 that were revealed, but, they got me on the 5th. Though, I saw many people who's theories were ultimately correct on that final 5th Cylon, despite the mental gymnastics you had to go through to arrive at that character's identity
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