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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but aren't community colleges two year institutions that give out AA degrees? I know the ones where I grew up were. Not that you couldn't attend longer, I know people who did stretch out their AA program to four years or more. Silly to bring it up about a TV show, especially one like Community but my inner pedant flares up when they talk about being Seniors or fourth years.

I agree that the season premier was okay, but not the show at its best.
Yeah, and That 70's Show started in 1976, and eight years later it was still the 70's. It's a TV show.
And once again.... one word...


I'm pretty sure that even Mash had more than a few Christmas themed shows, and yet after 11-12 seasons it was still only three years.
Unlike those shows, Community actually references that it has been four years since they started attending Greendale.
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