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Re: Is the opening section of GENS basically the best part of the movi

At the time I thought it was cool to see Kirk, Scotty and Chekov, and the Enterprise-B.

Now, I don't quite feel the same. It was painfully obvious to me that Scotty was reading Spock's lines, and Chekov was reading McCoy's. Harriman was made to look utterly imbecilic, which of course was the point (did I really need to be hit over the head with the reminder that this guy isn't Kirk?)

And the introduction of Demora was kind of pointless. Yes, I get that it was supposed to remind Kirk that other people once under his command actually had lives that he didn't know about, but...after the beginning of the film, she's gone forever! I would have loved to have learned more about her, but apparently she was just a plot device.
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