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Re: Ford OK with JJ???

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Anyone heard any news on this? I thought Ford would only do the movie if he approved the script and the director.
And I thought Ford wouldn't be caught dead within 50 feet of Star Wars again.

It can't be that he needs the money.
Ford's attitude towards Star Wars has kind of mellowed in recent years, you can tell that from the Chewbacca thing he did when he was on Jimmy Fallon a couple years ago when Cowboys and Aliens was out. Still, I would be very surprised if he were in another Star Wars movie, and it surpirsed the hell out of me when he said he was open to it depending on the script and director.

I don't know, stranger things have happened, but I still think BBC will have an easier time convicning Christopher Eccleston to appear in Doctor Who's 50th anniversary than Disney or Abrams will have getting Ford into Episode 7.
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