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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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The "Secluded Island Facility" that the Jedi Knight visits during its class story is the northernmost part of the Ord Mantell map, on the top of the Oradam Peninsula.

Thanks for the map. It had been bugging me trying to remember where it had sent me as a Jedi. I could have sworn it sends you to Fort Garnik to meet a contact even though you arrive at the peninsula.
Yeah, the area I'm talking about is right where the lava flow overlook area meets the Fort Garnik and Avilatan Badlands areas. You get there by going down the main road through the fort, but turn right (west) instead of going left to the space port and there's some rocks in the corner you can use to climb up and over the perimeter wall. You can see the cluster of shield generators on the map.
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