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Re: USS Atlantis NCC-32710

Kaiser wrote: View Post

I have the Stargazer one

I got it off a cool guy from the UK
Yeah, I have the Stargazer playset as well, and it does MUCH better justice to the original model than the Excelsior-class playset.

Tribble puncher wrote: View Post
I had several of those playsets, I never liked the look of this particular one. It's cool to see it again though.
Dude, you live in Lexington, KY? How awesome is that? I used to live there during my late childhood and the majority of my teenage years. I love that place!

Yeah, the appearance of this ship is something you have to kind of get used to. These playsets were supposed to be able to open up and depict a starship bridge set on the inside, so I'll forgive the bulkiness, but it does make it difficult to use convincingly as a starship model. Thus the reason I came up with the "Experimental Configuration #3", to explain away the inaccuracies.
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