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Re: Canceled Shows: If they were popular from the start

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Firefly is basically the same as Farscape - a ship full of squabbling, charismatic losers/outsiders bop around space and try to survive, while dodging The Man. Just goes to show that if the situation, characters and style are different enough, you can do two versions of the same premise and both are perfectly welcome, without any glaring overlap that makes you wonder why there needs to be two such shows at all.
That's a pretty good comparison, although, of course, FARSCAPE also contained a hefty dose of BUCK ROGERS and A PRINCESS OF MARS, with a modern-day Earthman unexpectedly transported to an exotic space opera setting, full of colorful aliens and adventures.

I do think that the overtly "Western" trappings on FIREFLY initially confused and/or turned off some people. I know that, among my own circle of friends, it caused some head-scratching and took a little getting used to.

"Is it supposed to look like a cowboy movie?"

"I think that's kinda the idea, yes."

"Oh. Not sure what I think about that."
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