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Re: "Best of both Worlds" - Special Bluray Release

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The difference in the quality of the borg cube in BOBW compared to Season 2's Q-who is staggering. In Q-Who it looks like a low resolution matte painting. In BOBW its so clear and sharp that I can see ALL the little elements...
Makes me sad that we'll probably never get to see Q Who? look that good.
It wasn't like the original cube looked anything special in Q Who. The visual effects people obviously stepped up their game big time when it came time to do BOBW.
That because two different teams worked on those two episodes. Dan Curry did Q-Who. ANd Dan's work is always overlite, and isn't as sharply focused. Never has been. Rob Legato was lead on Best of Both Worlds I & 2. Also didn't hurt that as time progressed both producers learned how to better managed the facilities they had, and replacing the 6footer allowed far more time to be fred up for other shots.
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