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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

Disney makes more money off DVDs of their movies by creating artificial demand for them via the vaulting BS. Netflix doesn't operate via artificial scarcity, as least not willingly. It's studios like HBO et al that hold back on streaming rights. Why else should The Sopranos not be on Netflix streaming at this late date? Is HBO still making any significant money off the DVDs?

Netflix can't pull that artificial scarcity shit because their customers know better and would rebel. Can you imagine Netflix yanking a show their customers know they own and then, what, demanding that subscribers pay a surtax to see just that show? If you thought Quikster was a shitstorm, that's nothing by comparison. I don't think they'd dare do that unless they want another PR debacle on their hands.

In theory, they might be able to get away with that, someday, if they had a truly amazing series that was the "killer app" - the show people can't do without. Star Trek again comes to mind as the killer app show for millions of people globally, and there aren't many names I can think of that qualifies. Certainly not House of Cards. I've seen three eps so far, it's pretty good but ultimately I can take it or leave it, just like I can take or leave practically everything on TV.
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