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Re: Star Trek Toys of the 1970s

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There's a bunch of vintage ST toys here

that some of us are old enough to remember. Most of it is junk, but that's part of the charm.
Great thread, Zap!

Fond memories of 70s ST, as I had about half of the Mego line, inlcuding the Bridge playset. Other than Mego, I had the infamous Tracer gun, the Remco Phasers, and a viewer which turned a few panels of one of the Gold Key comic into a black and white film strip, among other items.

Anyone ever notice how licensing art for ST was not as enforced as it would be by 1980? On some 70s products, the Gold Key logo would be used on toys having nothing to do with Western Publishing, the box photo from the AMT Enterprise was adapted as line art for Power Records and other toy packaging. If i'm not mistaken, AMT's box photo for the Klingon Battle Crusier was used as one of the targets for Mego's Phaser game.

One of the 70s puzzles clearly lifted art from Gold Key.

By the time of TMP, I believe the licensing of ST images and art was hardline, so one company's unique creation would not find its way on the products from another.
It probably wasn't until the success of Star Wars that companies made a concerted effort to keep a unified look for licensed merchandise like today, where you'll have the same package design as the action figures on bedsheets, coloring books, and toothbrushes.
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