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Re: White House Petition to Restore/Preserve and Move the Enterprise M

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And I'm not sure about the "artistic license" claim in the petition. I've heard it suggested that the miniature originally had more detail that didn't show up clearly onscreen due to the FX process causing a loss of image resolution, and which had faded by the time the ship was initially put on display, and that the intent of the Miarecki restoration was to recreate that original detail, to match the way the miniature actually looked rather than the way it appeared in the finished, somewhat degraded FX shots.
There's plenty of artistic license that has been taken during the 1991 restoration, here are the facts (the author did good research but there's no evidence for a previous "paint job" that affected larger areas, mind the entire engineering hull):

* A tiny bit of signage located in the forward window cluster on the lower saucer–”Inspection Door Vent Systems Connection” was changed to “Do Not Read This Sign!”.
* A similar bit of signage, just below the starboard nacelle pylon on the secondary hull–”Tail Pipe Socket Adjustment Access” was removed and not replaced.
* By far, the most controversial aspect of the restoration is the paint scheme. The entire model (with the exception of the upper saucer) was again (very debatable! small areas, yes!) repainted, with emphasis on gridlines and heavy weathering. Many feel this look is too extreme. The gridlines on the lower saucer are accurate (albeit extreme), but additional vertical gridlines lines were added to the secondary hull (which never had any gridlines, originally) and nacelles (which highlight the individual wooden sections which the nacelles were constructed from).


As a strictly personal note the only thing I was desperate but unable to read or photograph back in 1976 and 1980 were the two small text fields on the bottom saucer's bow and starboard ("Inspection Door Vent Systems Connections"). It's one thing if these couldn't be saved, but artistic license / abuse if you go through the hazzle of replacing these with a different text and try to be funny, IMHO.


P.S. Found a modeler's forum that also illustrated and discussed the changes:

On page 3 there is a shot that appears to show the saucer after it had arrived at the Smithsonian in 1974. Looks like it's the saucer of the Constellation (...) and required reconstruction and a paint job.
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