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Re: Canceled Shows: If they were popular from the start

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On the other hand, I've watched nearly every single episode of Dollhouse and I still can't really explain what it was about. Even the show itself seemed to struggle in each episode to try to explain its own premise to its more dense viewers.

Firefly & Serenity can't really be explained briefly without sounding kinda stupid. Plus, the titles do nothing to convey what it's about.
Well said. I've seen the first four eps of Firefly and Serenity, and I have no idea what that franchise is about. I'm not sure it's really "about" anything. Seinfeld in space?
Well, it's not about nothing. The episodes do have distinct plots. It's just that its too complicated to explain to a neophyte exactly what the show is and what kind of good guys these are. "Like, the Serenity is basically a cargo ship but many of the crewmembers are criminals or fugitives or veterans of the losing side in a civil war. Sometimes they steal things but only for good reasons. And it's in space but it's the old west and people often swear in Chinese for no reason. And there's this woman who's like a prostitute but she insists that she's really a 'companion.'"

For that matter, there's a certain vein of prostitution in Dollhouse as well. And, again, the show really tries to sidestep the issue because Joss Whedon seems oddly interested in the idea of women who have sex for a living yet can't bring himself to actually vindicate the sex trade.

In fact, one of the big problems with describing either show is trying to sort out whether the main characters are heroes or criminals. While moral ambiguity is fine, I don't think you can make that the very 1st impression that you're show makes. I mean, even though Buffy & Angel had their own dark sides, you never doubted that these were heroes who were always at least trying to do the right thing.
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