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Re: I made a list of all episodes sorted by air date

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This, in my opinion, is how one should watch Star Trek to get the most out of it.

I love you.
I admire the effort and applaud the list. However, having lived through it, and seeing all of STAR TREK in that order, I have to say that I'm not sold that it is the best way.

The reason is because of how it diminishes DEEP SPACE NINE. That series had exactly half a season - 12 episodes - all by itself, with no other Treks around it concurrently. TOS, TAS, TNG, ENT all had many seasons all by themselves, and VOY had at least two years of being the only Trek in the universe.

(I know that movies interspersed some of these, but those were more singular special events.)

DEEP SPACE NINE never really got a chance to fly on its own, and my memories of watching the shows in those weeks when there were two Treks going, always seemed to diminish the power of DEEP SPACE NINE. I found it a bit of a chore to be forced to watch two episodes in the same week during my busy time working and living life. But I did it - and videotaped every last episode.

It wasn't until years later, when DVDs made it possible to really watch these series again and again that I began to really appreciate how good DEEP SPACE NINE was. Its arcing story lines were no longer interrupted by visits to the Enterprise or Voyager. It stood on its own - and stood very well I might add.

Now, it's also true that DVDs can give a dedicated viewer lots of chances to schedule things any way at all. And if someone wants to watch Trek in its airing order, but compressed into several viewings every evening, then a different perspective could be gathered.

But while I've never tried the compressed, in-order approach, I still recommend letting each series stand on its own. I appreciate the work compiling a list like this, and see it as a valuable reference.

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