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Re: Happy Chinese New Year!

I've been to two Chinese New Years festivals, one of them yesterday and one at the end of January. We have 9 different festivals over a month in Melbourne, some for two days. You can see photos of some of the food on my blog, the Chinese New Year series just started LOL (two a day).

I have eaten so much papaya salad.. my god I could live on that stuff. I want to make it myself but I cannot find green papayas anywhere. Someone told me they get them in a particular market that I can't be bothered traveling to.

I had this fantastic drink yesterday I haven't seen before, it had some kind of pickled plum and jelly and some sort of seagrass in it, it was sweet and tart and salty, but all very understated, it was WONDERFUL. And I can't figure out what it was. There is something new at each Chinese New Year location. They block off a whole street from traffic and it's all food stalls.

Petted some snakes yesterday too. Watched some Dragon Dancing. Ate a ton of fried tentacles with chillie and some crab. Bought a New Years rice pudding from BreadTop which I buy several of every year because I love them. They are very dense and sticky, glutinous rice. I will take a photo later, they are very good with tea.

So basically I spend Chinese New Year eating.

Happy Year of the Snake!!

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