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Re: White House Petition to Restore/Preserve and Move the Enterprise M

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I appreciate the idea of moving it to a more prominent location than the back of the gift shop, but I don't support the proposal to move it to the Museum of American History. After all, Star Trek inspired a whole generation of astronauts and engineers. And the prototype Space Shuttle was named after the Enterprise. It's an important part of aerospace history in its own way. More than that, it's not just a symbol of America, but of humanity's aspirations in space, since it featured a multinational crew. So it belongs in the National Air & Space Museum, where it's always been. No other site would be appropriate. It just needs to be restored to a more prominent location, like where it was originally displayed in the '70s and '80s.
I agree, it definitely belongs in the Air & Space Museum, but as a real exhibit. I was so disappointed when I discovered it was in the gift shop! Looked more like a marketing display than a piece of history.
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