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Re: Does Canada Produce Good TV Shows?

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But I am stunned that we've gotten this far without mentioning Canada's greatest ever contribution to the medium: Made in Canada. It was a scathing satire about unscrupulous Canadian TV producers. It starred Rick Mercer (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) & Peter Keleghan (Ranger Gord from The Red Green Show). It lasted 5 seasons, but only the 1st 6 episodes were ever released on DVD before Salter Street Films went broke. (And that barebones DVD is so out of print that it costs about $74.94 on My greatest wish would be for Seasons 2-5 to get released on DVD. Does no one else remember this show?
Ahh, good point about the show! I somehow never really got around to watching it much, but I did like what I've seen of it. It's almost like Arrested Development in the humour department.
Kinda. It wasn't quite as overtly wacky as Arrested Development could be at times but it was equally clever. Really, the closest comparison to Made in Canada would be Action, a short-lived American series about an unscrupulous movie producer (Jay Mohr). I go back & forth over who was the bigger showbiz scumbag, Made in Canada's Richard Strong or Peter Dragon from Action. Overall, I'd say that while Action was a raunchier show, Peter Dragon still seemed to have some semblance of a conscience. He never screwed over anyone that wasn't screwed up to begin with. On the other hand, just in the first 4 episodes of Made in Canada, Richard...
  1. Drugged his brother-in-law and then framed him for fondling the boss' daughter.
  2. Hired a disgruntled ex-employee to severely injure a movie star just to embarass Victor.
  3. Recommended that an actor go to Mexico to get a hair transplant, which lead to his death. (Although, it's unclear exactly how much of that Richard actually planned.)
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