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Re: KRE-O toys revealed, including new Klingon bird of prey!

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Kre-o? Crap Lego ripoff (how cool would a Lego Star Trek game be?) - but a couple of points of note since these are tied to Into Darkness- 1) Klingon Bird Of Prey, OK... 2) Bat'leth.
I think one of the trailers included a very brief glimpse of a bat'leth-wielding Klingon.

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3) Gorn?
I don't see a mention in the TrekMovie article, but in the Comments thread I find this, posted by "NCC-73515":
comment #42 wrote:

“The KRE-O STAR TREK SPACE DIVE building set includes 36 pieces and two KREON figures, CAPTAIN KIRK and a villain with press-fire projectile weapons and accessories!”

“Based on iconic STAR TREK characters from the upcoming STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS movie from Paramount Pictures, these KREON FIGURE PACKS feature one collectible KREON figure and accessory per pack, with six different characters available in the spring of 2013 including: GORN, CAPTAIN NERO, KEENSER, GRASIA, KINGON and LIEUTENANT SPRONG. Twelve additional KREON figures will be released in fall 2013, including: CAPTAIN KIRK, SPOCK, BORG DRONE and GENERAL CHANG.”
Whether that may be taken to mean that we can expect to see a Gorn appearance in the movie, I don't know. The Gorn do figure in the upcoming game, though, so that could also be it.
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