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Re: What were they thinking? AVENGERS style TREK

I did not mean to start another GENERATIONS discussion here, but since we are already at it...

If you lost someone you loved, you cared about, you were befriended with... this movie provides so much to cheer you up. Yes, this is not blockbuster TREK, and yes there are flaws in this film. But the theme of coping with loss, of letting go, of continuing has so much sensuality to it. I love it.
Plus: McCarthy's score is epic. I know, most people do not like it, but it's unique in the series. As much as I love Goldsmith's music, McCarthy's score for GENERATIONS is larger than live (IMHO). Get the extended edition, since it features some of the best (previously unreleased) cues...

Now... back to topic.

Why don't you think it - the concept of a TREK team up - would work?
Star Trek - A Final Unity
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