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Re: NBC's 'Do No Harm' = Biggest Flop in Network TV History!

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I really miss the original Law & Order. Cancelling a legend like that in favor of an untested Los Angeles spin-off was just dumb.
I imagine that twenty seasons of cost increases mixed with the expense of shooting in New York and declining ratings made the Los Angeles-based spin-off quite appealing. They might have tried pairing them together at first, though, before discarding the original.
While Law & Order had some issues with declining ratings, I thought that the show sold really well in reruns (which, IIRC, was why ABC kept Scrubs going past its expiration date). And since Lupo & Cutter were both really kicking ass, I think the show could have easily jettisoned the more expensive characters like Van Buren & McCoy. I think Van Buren was going to leave anyway. And while the show had had its ups & downs, I think it was enough of an institution to deserve more time.

I guess I'm just sad because, every time I see something in the news, I get really excited for a moment about seeing what Law & Order will do with it. Then I remember the show was cancelled. I keep hoping that NBC will eventually realize how evergreen the format is and bring it back. Hey, it happened to Family Guy & Futurama & Red Dwarf. I can dream, can't I?

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NBC shows are so bad that even stars of them ditch!

Christina Applegate quits Up All Night reboot!
That's a shame. While I didn't watch the show much, I really liked the parts of it that I saw. I don't get why they think switching the show from single to multi-camera will make any positive difference. (It didn't for Watching Ellie.)

Man, Will Arnett is just TV kryptonite, isn't he? Running Wilde & Sit Down Shut Up both got canned after less than a whole season. Even his most successful series, Arrested Development, was a show that's most famous for being a cult darling that inexplicably made it to 3 seasons despite the fact that no one watched it. He's becoming like Andre Braugher or Eric Balfour.
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