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Re: "Darmok" vs "Trials and Tribble-ations" better Trek tribute?

Yeah, I don't really get the point of pitting these two particular eps against each other. T&T was DS9's special anniverary salute to TOS--and hardly representative of DS9 as a whole. T&T is to DS9, as "Relics" is to TNG, and "Flashback" is to VOYAGER. "Darmok," on the other hand, is simply a memorable TNG episode that was never meant to be a "tribute" to anything--except maybe the movie Enemy Mine.

I'm not sure you can derive any profound trends or insights from comparing these two random episodes, especially since one of them was deliberately designed to be a nostalgic tribute to TOS and the other wasn't. It's apples or orange, or tribbles or targs.

You might just as well compare "Q-Pid" to "In the Pale Moonlight" to "Bride of Chaotica." All very different episodes, with very different intentions, but all equally Trek.

And, given that both episodes are now many years old (as in nearly two decades), and produced by the previous regime to boot, I'm not sure either really shows where the franchise is headed! Nobody involved with either ep is even connected to Trek anymore.

(I can't believe T&T was some seventeen years ago!)

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