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Re: The Dog Thread: Our Furry Family and Friends

they are two beauties!
I like the name Wilma. I once had a hamster from a sanctuary who was called Wilma. She kept rattling on her cage day and night and drove everyone insane, hence the name - "Wiiiiilmaaaaaaaaa!!!!!"
Turned out that she was incredibly intelligent and simply bored to death in her cage. With the aid of a bag of almonds it took her 5 minutes to understand that she ought to come when called. She then kept following me around (why should she run to me for an almond when it was quicker and more efficient to stay near me - and the almond bag?) - All I had to do was to connect this behaviour with the command "heel". Teaching her all the other dog commands (except for "attack!" - rodents have razor-sharp teeth that leave nasty wounds) came as a natural consequence. Within only 2 evenings she got them. And better than many a dog I've worked with. She was really amazing =)
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