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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

I would just like to point out a personal milestone for me. This is the very first time in the show's history that I've been completely caught up with it. (I'd been lagging way behind on DVDs just prior to this.)

I agree that the show felt like it was trying really hard to be Harmon-esque without being nearly as funny. And considering the show is often criticized for being too inaccessible, I was surprised that they didn't really pull back on the show's weirdness at all. And while there were a lot of really funny situations that they set up, hardly any of them seemed to really connect. The "Hunger Games" competitions were barely seen after they introduced the idea. And while Abed's sitcom & cartoon fantasies were suitably weird, there wasn't really anything funny about them beyond the premise itself. Here's hoping the new writers find their grove soon.

My favorite line from the episode would be at the end when Dean Pelton mentioned that someone moved his stapler.

And I would like to speak somewhat in defense of Chevy Chase. While his backstage behavior seems pretty dickish and Pierce tends to be the least funny character on the show, I think Chase has always acquitted himself admirably with his onscreen performance. To the extent that Pierce has despicable qualities, I believe those are the inventions of the writers rather than the actor.

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I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but aren't community colleges two year institutions that give out AA degrees? I know the ones where I grew up were. Not that you couldn't attend longer, I know people who did stretch out their AA program to four years or more. Silly to bring it up about a TV show, especially one like Community but my inner pedant flares up when they talk about being Seniors or fourth years.

I agree that the season premier was okay, but not the show at its best.
no some give out bachelor degrees.
I certainly understand what Nerys Myk is talking about. Here in Arizona, Community Colleges only do 2 year degrees, except in a few specialized trades like nursing, construction, & firefighting. It bugs me a bit too but the show is funny enough that I don't really give it much thought.

But not only have the fans mentioned this before, but they even mentioned it on the show once in Season 3. In "Curriculum Unavailable," the incongruity of a Community College giving out 4-year degrees was used as evidence that Greendale isn't real and they're all just in a mental institution.
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