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Re: Vote TV& Media Av contest: My word is not my Bond

Ooh! Lots of really tough contenders here. There are at least a couple that I feel really bad about leaving out. But my top 3 were:

Starkers because, while Timothy Dalton was my favorite James Bond, I think he's even better when playing villains. And nowhere does that show better than in Hot Fuzz. And to all those who didn't vote for Simon Skinner, "May their heads be struck from their shoulders!"
JiNX-01 because Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is one of my favorite action movies and is woefully underrated.
Showdown because, even when I vote for three, there can be only one!

Honorable mentions:
Chris3123 because any Doctor Who av is worth consideration.
Evil Twin because it's probably the best performance of Sean Connery's entire career.
auntiehill because, even though Cowboys & Aliens was a terrible movie, that's still a pretty badass shot of Daniel Craig.
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