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Okay, I'm rapidly losing patience with the stupidly self-contradictory premise of this season. On the one hand, they acknowledge all the prior teams of Power Rangers as having been real, meaning that Earth has been under repeated invasion by aliens and monsters for 20 years -- yet not only have the characters never previously heard of Power Rangers, but now we learn that the existence of aliens and monsters is still an unproven fringe belief? I could've bought a reboot where this was the first Ranger team in history, but it makes no sense whatsoever to try to take this approach in the same season that's blatantly paying tribute to the past and referencing Zordon's legacy and all that. It's a bizarre and inexplicable contradiction.

And then there was that idiotic line where Noah said to Jake "I told you UFOs were real" -- a week after they both got proof that the planet was being invaded by aliens. That was stupid even disregarding the legacy of previous seasons.

Also, if these guys are so ignorant of the legacy of the Rangers, how come they instantly recognized what Zords were without Gosei having to explain it? I wish these damn producers would make up their damn minds about whether Ranger history is known or unknown to the characters.

Mixed feelings about the Zords. Calling them "Mechazords" is a really bad idea -- a lot of viewers are bound to have trouble distinguishing the sound of "Mechazord" from "Megazord." As for the Goseiger footage, those disembodied heads docking with existing vehicles and taking form from them was bizarre -- the pilots and drivers of those vehicles must've been totally freaked out. And the heads coming off the Megazord to attack the monster remotely was pretty weird. But the footage of the individual Mechazords battling the saucers was pretty cool -- especially the dragon. Of course, as per usual Sentai/PR convention, I doubt we'll see much individual Zord action after this; they'll just go straight to Megazord mode and keep adding new variations thereon.

And given Jake's attempts to woo Gia, I had to laugh when their Mechazords merged by the tail of Jake's snake Zord sliding into an orifice at the rear of Gia's Zord. That's probably as close as he's ever going to come to getting lucky with her.

And I'm a little annoyed by how obvious they're making the fact that the action sequences in this show are basically commercials for whatever tie-in card game Bandai is marketing. I mean, I know it's all about selling the toys, but actually showing the cards onscreen during the key attacks is a little too blatant. Oh, well. I could live with it on Digimon Tamers -- but the difference is that that show was actually smart and well-written enough that I could tolerate the blatant toyeticism.

I kind of like the Zombat idea -- always good to get an explanation for how the monsters come back from the dead in giant form, instead of it just automatically happening. But the problem here was that the monster was already up and moving again before the Zombats attached and "resurrected" him.
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