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Re: 10 Reason ST:DS9 Misjudged

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No sense in wasting your breath.

You have a group of devoted DS9 fans that are convinced it was nailed upon the cross and died for our Trek sins.
Perhaps you should try an experiment and go over to the TOS message board and say something like this:
TOS was a great show, but come on...Was it really a ground-breaking show? Or was it just an adventure show geared toward kids? I love TOS a whole bunch...but if we're going to be honest TNG had more seasons because TNG turned out to be better to most people than TOS. And there's nothing wrong with that, you know, different strokes.
I bet all of those open minded TOS fans would come back and say, "You know, you're so right. Good point there, buddy. No argument here!"

Seriously though, I rather enjoy the discussion and debate as long as it doesn't get personal. I guess I'm weird like that.
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