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Canceled Shows: If they were popular from the start

Sometimes I think about some of my favorite canceled shows. The easy example on this forum is Firefly. It was this little scifi show that only lasted half a season before it was canceled. Then, through some weird TV miracle, it continued to gain popularity. I personally never saw it (never even heard of it) until long after it had been canceled.

Over a few years of raging fans and sci-fi conventions and increasing DVD sales, the show was allowed to come back in the form of a movie in order to wrap up the story. The fans WON!

Now I think about Netflix and what they're doing with "Arrested Development." A new season will be available in May, and if it does well enough, we will also be getting a movie. Other shows that come to mind are Farscape, Futurama, and Family Guy (all were canceled and then brought back due to fan reactions).

It just makes me wonder: what if these shows were popular when they aired? What if all these fans that discovered these shows post-cancelation had discovered them when they were brand new? Where would these shows be? How many seasons more seasons would they have lasted? Would any of them still be going strong, or would we be complaining about how Firefly "jumped the shark" back in Season 5 when Zoe got turned into a Reaver and Jayne hooked up with YoSafBridgHelenBethany?
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