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Re: Section 31 after DS9

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Section 31, by its very nature, can never be "legit". It's just as much an enemy to the Federation (despite its constant bitching that it "protects" said Federation) as any other hostile superpower.

As for post-DS9:

Oh the fall of Section 31 will be brutal and showy. Those involved in the fall will pat themselves on the back and consider the paragons of virtue for removing this stain on the perfect Utopia that is the Federation.

Meanwhile the shadows. Section 32 will already be in play already "assiting" in the public fall of Section 31. Already doing what ever must be done for the common good. Walking in the dark places where the Federation refuses to step. And behind them...the ground work for Section 33 will be seeded in the next generation of Starfleet and already Section 34 will be on the drawing board.
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