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Re: "10 Reasons Deep Space Nine Was Cruelly Misjudged"

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Nana Visitor is freaking brilliant.
Brilliance is in the eye of the beholder. For me, she came off as the whiniest freedom fighter ever.

Firefly was cruelly screwed up by Fox. It wasn't "cruelly misjudged" by the public - it's called one of the greatest or even the greatest SciFi series ever on the regular basis (which is a real exaggeration - I like the show, but, come on). Arrested Development was also screwed up/ignored, but when was it cruelly misjudged? Did you ever see/hear anyone say anything negative about it? All I've ever heard about both these shows were accolades, from the people who are actually aware of them. I've never heard/seen the "Oh, I haven't watched it/have seen 2 episodes, but I've heard it's crap because of *reasons*" kind of comment that you can still see about DS9. Even many very successful shows, movies, books and franchises are "cruelly misjudged" by many people who haven't seen them or have watched one and a half episode.
Every show I mentioned has its own set of critics. All you have to do is poke around this board to see that. Are you saying that DS9 should somehow be above various criticisms that get leveled at every TV show since the dawn of the industry?

No. It's saying that most other shows were episodic with no continuing storylines that you had to tune in every week at the same time to be able to follow; and therefore, people simply did not have to be all that interested in these shows for them to be successful and get great ratings. And that mattered a lot in the 1990s, before the age of Netflix, Internet downloads and people watching the shows on DVD instead of TV. Shows with continuing storylines are only really flourishing now.
Popularity of arc storytelling isn't just now becoming popular, been popular for quite a while. When people were interested, they followed arc-based shows religiously. Hell, I made it home everyday at 4pm in the mid-70's just so I wouldn't miss an episode of Star Blazers. And if DS9 had been flourishing on DVD and on Netflix, we wouldn't have all this hand wringing over whether or not it is going to get an HD facelift. That popularity would've made the decision a no-brainer for CBS.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a solidly entertaining TV show. But much like Star Trek it wasn't any bolder than much of the TV on during the same period of time. It's something fans tell themselves to make their show seem more important in the grand scheme of things than it really is.
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