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Re: Lexa Doig: Lady of the Week #7 (Feb. 2013)

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Rumour is, the show was originally pitched as a Trek spin-off. If true, they didn't change much to make in non-Trek.
Even more is when the show was advertised with Gene Roddenberry's name. A spaceship show with the Roddenberry name tacked in, seems to almost immediately conjure up "Star Trek".

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People often recommend me shows/movies/books with a naval setting saying "it's totally like Star Trek," and from a certain perspective I can kind of see it.
One tv show which was literally like this, was SeaQuest DSV. I thought it looked almost like a ST:TNG clone, with a submarine in place of a spaceship (and under water replacing outer space).

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But to me, the futuristic technology, spaceships, aliens, lasers, Patrick Stewart, is what draws me to Star Trek.
Same here, but also for the original Star Trek series. (I grew up watching the reruns in the 1970's and early 1980's).

For sci-fi in general, gradually I found the futuristic technology stuff less and less exciting, when I came to the realization some of it wasn't exactly based on known hard science. (I majored in engineering physics when I was in college). But hey, hypothetical future technology can still fascinate the mind, even if it's just used for fictional plot/setting purposes.
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