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Re: Phaser banks on the Constitution class

Technically, in "The Paradise Syndrome" they fired all four phaser banks simultaneously after firing them in sequence through the two forward ventral saucer emitters.
...Although for purposes of further semantic dissecting, the word "bank" was not used in this context. The ship had forward-firing phasers 1 through 4, and the action of "phaser 1 firing" was visually represented by two beams coming from the usual location; so was the action of "simultaneous bombardment".

We could separate the concept of "bank" as meaning the pair of emitters (assuming there are emitters involved in the TOS phaser technology, and nothing is too radically different from ENT or the movies) from the concept of "phaser 1 to 4" as perhaps being the same as with hand phasers: different grades of phaser beam, for different effects.

Timo Saloniemi
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