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Re: Caitians - height

Thanks for the replies. I have looked into some of the sourcebooks. It's really a mess of contradictions.
Just an FYI - The Worlds of the Federation sadly doesn't hint their height, however it contains (of course contradicting with some other sources) a specification of the 15 Lyncis as a system with 12 planets.

Thanks for the reference to the origin of the 2-3 meters specification. By any chance, wouldn't you know where the 1.6 - 1.8 meters could appear? Anything around 1.6 or 1.7 meters, or maybe in feets around 5' to 6'? M'Ress biography states only they tend to be small, but is not more specific about any exact number, so these numbers had to be stated somewhere else. Don't know where however.
I'm browsing additional sources, but didn't have a luck to find the origin of this reference yet.

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...We could always plead sexual dimorphism in the case of M'Ress. And perhaps the two cats in ST4 were females as well, despite being portrayed by male human actors?
The two from ST4 are missing female features (breasts and mane) so they are definitely males.

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