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Re: Lexa Doig: Lady of the Week #7 (Feb. 2013)

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If one takes out the space and sci-fi stuff out of Andromeda, the show would probably resemble a generic western or a mediocre procedural show.

More generally, it seems like a lot of sci-fi movies and tv shows resembles other non-sci-fi movies/shows, with advanced technology, spaceships, unexplained phenomena, aliens, etc ... being thrown into the mix. Sorta like using the "future" to tell stories about the present human condition.
Honestly, I found Andromeda basically comes off as a Star Trek knock-off. This "Galactic Commonwealth" is basically the Federation by another name and ridiculously oversized (three galaxies? Seriously?) while the "High Guard" is essentially a Starfleet that doesn't deny its military nature. Then some of the aliens are basically Trek clones, like the big guys with spikes on their arms are Klingon-like. Although, really I guess the stoic alien warrior race with a code of honour is a trope you'll find everywhere in sci-fi. Rumour is, the show was originally pitched as a Trek spin-off. If true, they didn't change much to make in non-Trek.

When I was younger, I was mainly attracted to sci-fi from the futuristic technology and big guns. As I got older, I gradually came to the realization that a lot of sci-fi stuff wasn't much different than watching a cop show or an adventure movie.
I can see where you're coming from there. People often recommend me shows/movies/books with a naval setting saying "it's totally like Star Trek," and from a certain perspective I can kind of see it. But to me, the futuristic technology, spaceships, aliens, lasers, Patrick Stewart, is what draws me to Star Trek.
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