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Re: Dune coloring book

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Amazing! LOL

Its interesting, recently I have wondered how hard it can be to merchandise some serious adult superhero films for kids. Nolan's Batman films for example. I look at the kids books at Wal-mart and Target. They avoid the more adult elements, like Batman defeated by Bane, and really just introduce the characters in broad strokes.
But this is really funny... I saw these in the grocery store.
Meh, Batman Valentine cards aren't really anything new. I suppose it is kind of amusing that a movie so obviously aimed at adults is the theme for cards kids hand out to their classmates, but really it's nothing new. I'm sure both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight also had Valentine cards.

Now Valentines based on Lynch's Dune, that could be amusing. Hell, picturing kids giving their classmates cards with Lynchian Guild Navigators or Reverand Mothers pictured on them...
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