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Re: VOY Caption Contest 102, couples never meant to be; Janeway/Chakot

Thanks for the win!

Janeway: "V'Ger... V... O... Y... A... Damn it! Not again! Chakotay, I want you to find the smart alec who keeps defacing the ship's ID plates, and airlock them. It wasn't funny the first twenty times..."

EMH: "Sometimes people would rather talk to a priest than a doctor. I'm covering all bases... I also mix a mean cocktail."

Chakotay: "Blah blah blah... spirit guide... blah blah blah Akoochimoya... blah blah blah ancestors..."

Tuvok thinking: "Vulcan telepathy is a scientifically quantifiable process. You think that gives us a point of familiarity? You think I enjoy wasting time that could be spent on security drills, listening to your superstitions. Next you'll be telling me about that human two and half thousand years ago that walked on water. Bunch of primitives."

Chakotay: "Cheer up. It's a great planet, we're getting back to nature, in an idyllic forest. Look at the trees, the birds, the sixteen foot tall chipmunks. Can you tell me that this is really that bad?"

Janeway: "..."

Chakotay: "Before you voice that thought, let me tell you that any 'wooden' jokes will definitely kill the mood."

Janeway thinking: "No Chakotay around. I guess this is what they mean by missing the forest for the trees."
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