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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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Maybe, but here's a list of the most memorable Community episodes, to me:

1. Paintball 1&2
2. D&D
3. Alternate realities
4. 8 bit video game
5. Abed's claymation Christmas
6. Musical
7. Air conditioning repair showdown
8. Pierce is in the hospital and gives everyone gifts
9. Blanket fort
10. Abed is god movie

All episodes without a B plot, which took a crazy premise and just committed to it.

I'm very worried now this season is not going to commit to a premise like that, and is just going to play it safe with a lot of A&B plot episodes, which get the characters exactly right but are boring.
I understand your concern, I just don't think we can extrapolate too much from this one episode. Community has had plenty of episodes with b-plots in the past, and even a few with c-plots. Hell, the first blanket fort story was a b-plot. No season of Community has started out with a special episode like Advanced Dungeons and Dragons or Remedial Chaos Theory, so I wasn't expecting season 4 to be any different. If the show doesn't do those kinds of episodes and sticks to the format presented here then I'll be disappointed with the change in direction, but I don't feel we're in a position to judge that right now.

What I came away from the premiere with was the feeling that the new showrunners understood the characters, they understood the somewhat cartoony nature of Greendale, and that they understood the concerns the audience have. They're trying to keep Community Community, and while it probably can't be exactly the same as it was, I think the premiere was a commendable effort.
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