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Re: Phaser banks on the Constitution class

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Make of that what you will; clearly this doesn't correspond to the TMP emitter locations, and some might argue that those bright dots are portholes. Then again, Franz Joseph once argued they were torpedo tubes...
The nice thing about the TMP Enterprise physical VFX model was that it had easy to identify phaser banks in the form of small spheres with a sprayhole (and two of those as aft phasers above the clamshell doors).

The Franz Joseph design was apparently less inspired by actual TOS footage but rather by the producers' intentions published in The Making of Star Trek: "Phasers can also be fired from an area atop the saucer-shaped hull, in an area surrounding the bridge, but primary control facilities and equipment are located on deck 11."

Of course, since we have seen phasers fired from locations without portholes, one could question why the upper portholes should be phasers (or photon torpedo launchers) and not windows.
Alternately the reference in the book could also imply that the "aft phasers" are to be found somewhere aft of the bridge or the teardrop (maybe the thingy behind the bridge that's usually assumed to be the exterior extension of the turbo lift could qualify?).


P.S. If I'm not mistaken the original TOS dialogue only references one "aft phaser"
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