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Re: What is the distance between Earth and Bajor?

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I know Bajor is at the edge of explored space.

Looking at maps, it would appear to be approx 1/10th the distance between Voyagers starting position in the DQ and earth.

But that would mean it's 7 years from earth at high warp, which we all know it isn't.

Anyone able to explain this? or is it just an error.
It's not so much an error as it is the time/distance/speed charts in the technical manuals and maps being nonsense that the writers of the shows have never used.

Star Trek ships move at the speed of plot. In The Original Series and movies, the Enterprise zipped around the galaxy from the rim, to Earth, to the center and back again like it was nothing. Voyager slowed warp speed down considerably to make their cross-galaxy journey an epic 75 year one. The other shows pretty much kept going at TOS' wherever-we-need-to-be-in-the-space-of-a-scene-break pace.
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