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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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He's not particularly original, though he is refreshing as a Vulcan who is not tormented with angst from being either half human or deeply flawed. He's an older mainstream Vulcan with hobbies (orchid growing), a family back in the Alpha quadrant he misses, a long term friendship in Janeway and some comfort zone challenges in the form of Neelix. He's one of the least dysfunctional Vulcans we see in Trek and a huge asset to the crew.

What did you see that was "bad"?
Yeah true he has got an interesting personal life and I like the on going situation with Janeway but his not really the most original. I think it might be me I have just taken a disliking to him I don't know when I talk to other people about him I describe him as an 'okay' character.
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