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I'm going to admit that until TWOK, I thought the TOS dematerialize was always a conversion of matter to energy, because the victim seemed to simply disappear.
For some reason, maybe the original Tech Manual I forget, my brother and I used the term "dematerialize" for that glowing\vanish effect.
All phasers emit a beam of energy similar to the light beam emitted by a Laser, but of a pulsating nature that can be "phased" to interfere or interact with the wave patterns of any molecular form. Phaser beams can be fired steadily, in one long burst, or in intermittent "squirts" of "phased" energy. They can be set to dematerialize (converting matter to energy), disrupt (breaking down cohesion), heat (increasing molecular velocity), or stun (neural impact).
Ah, thanks for that.

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Treknology and TMoST tend to be mutually exclusive: basically everything the book ever suggested, online developments have proven incorrect. Luckily, phasers still remain a vague technology, not easily contradicted one way or another..
Even so, the passage supports intent for TOS.
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