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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

What is it with people appearing to proclaim their hatred of Voyager in great detail year after year? Is there some kind of Voyager Hate Club I don't know about? Does one get bonus points for how creative they get with their hate and how much they write about how much they hate Voyager (like frequent flyer miles)? What kind of parties do they throw? What kind of get togethers? Where is the Voyager Hate Convention held? Do they get Garrett Wang to appear so they can throw rotten produce at him? Do they get Robert Beltran to appear where they can simultaneously scold him for acting out such a boring character & cheer him for his dislike of the writers/producers? Do they burn effigies of the Transwarp Salamander from "Threshold"? How many card carrying members of the Voyager Hate Club are here at this site?

Sheesh. And here I thought with time, the hate might ebb.
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