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True FPS; though more of the game focused on the story/point than constant action. Have considered modding in some sanity effects along the lines of what Amnesia did though.

Specifically what I had in mind was. Starting immediately into action; battle simulation on a holodeck. Not necessarily informing the player that it's just simulation; just that they are in the middle of some battle. Acts as a normal FPS until either a set amount of time passes or the player "dies" in the simulation at which time the character gets called for an away mission by a superior officer. For awhile after this period, the game style switches to story driven; same first person camera style, but weapons locked out simply watching the situation unfold. He is simply to keep watch during negotiations. Something goes wrong and the negotiations turn violent and the young officer is forced into their first real combat situation. Due to being disarmed for the negotiations, he is forced into using far more visceral (and fatal) weapons than normal. He has psychological issues with using these but is forced to do so. Considering the choice of making the man under pressure a betazoid, so that part of his issue with killing is understanding the memories and the pain of those he ends up forced to strike out at (alternatively simply imagining such as a human may be more relate able to the player). The battle plays out and he returns to the ship; closing dialogue involves him working out mental issues he got from those actions with the ship's councilor. Again, main theme is the contrast between simulated violence and the real thing.

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