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I got it at Woolworths.
You still have Woolies? . Even if we did, they wouldn't have sold durians. Only seen them in Chinatown and specialist Asian stores. Used to be great shopping centre in North London could get them from (and fantastic food, supplies) but that closed down few years ago.
Yes we've always had woolies, though it used to be called Safeway. You can't get durian in any of them, need to be near a bigger asian population but it's quite easy to find lately. For a long time it was a mystery fruit to me and I never saw it. There are also gazillions of independant asian grocery stores with a veg and fruit section where you might see it. And of course a lot of stuff actually gets grown here, eating some papaya now from queensland.

I have opened the sealed container. The bottom is now all liquid. It is not as pungent as yesterday and I ate a big glob of the custard, the onion was very slightly reduced. I doubt I'll eat much more of it though

It really bothers me when I don't quite get what people like about a food, I want to figure the food out when that happens. I need someone to explain why they love the durian. It's not the rot, it's the onion that mystifies me.

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