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Re: Star Trip: The ...What? Generation

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Ultimately, you're right but the guy posted here to be mean spirited on purpose, so I felt it warranted a response.
I'd love to see your work, though. If you took the time to watch something of mine, I'd happily watch yours.
Sure, if you're interested. Here's a bunch of music videos I directed for The Kinsey Sicks over the past few years (it takes a few moments for all the thumbnails to load):

The Official GOP Economic Platform as sung by the Kinsey Sicks

I Will Watch YouTube (Every Breath You Take parody)

Things You Shouldn't Say

Touch-A Touch Me, TSA Security

Twisted Christmas Parodies Medley
(the last song is really nasty)

Bedroom Ants (Lady Gaga parody)

BP is Creepy (about British Petrolum)

* * *
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