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Re: "10 Reasons Deep Space Nine Was Cruelly Misjudged"

Great article with a lot of great points. One of the things I agree with is DS9 should have had at least a year before Voyager came on. The third season was really the year I feel DS9 really started to raise the bar and find its footing.
Unfortunately, Star Trek was at its peak and Paramount saw $$ and wanted to milk the franchise for all it was worth.

I'm sick of all the did paramount plagiarize B5 talk. Yes the show had a number of commonalities, but some of DS9's back story was developed on TNG long before Paramount ever got a look at the B5 bible e.g. The Cardassian occupation of Bajor was established in the 4th(ish) season of TNG.

I'm very happy to see that DS9 is starting to get the attention and respect it deserves. I was like so many Trek fans. I loved TNG but gave up on DS9, but with Worf being my favorite TNG character I tuned into DS9 when he joined and I'm glad I did. To me, DS9 is the most adult of the Star Trek spinoffs.
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