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Re: Dukat character - writer's mess?!

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It seems to me as though a straightforward desire to manipulate the audience's response at all costs had taken over towards the end.
Well, as I said earlier, I do agree that most of what they decided to do with Dukat post-Waltz never really works or gels properly.

But I don't think it's mostly about trying to manipulate the audience.

One thing you see from time to time, especially when a certain creative team likes to play around with moral ambiguity, is a kind of over-reaction where you can tell that somebody said: we are losing our moral compass here, some things truly *are* pure evil, not everything is *gray*.

And I think Dukat in the later seasons is an example of that. It's not so much trying to manipulate the audience, imo, as it is the creators themselves trying to have their cake and eat it, too, in a sense: have the moral quandries posed by the Dominion War alongside this light/dark Star Wars sort of thing.

I've never thought it was a bad idea conceptually, in passing. It's a good idea, actually, I think: this messy conflict being played out alongside this clash of good and evil. The issue is more that the execution of the light/dark, good/evil side of the story is just not up to par with the main war arc.
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