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You know, I've actually never been to NYC.
Well, then, this is sincere: If you do make a trek to NYC, there is a large and very comfy sofa in Brooklyn you are welcome to sleep on.
That's really awesome of you. The offer is always reciprocated, whatever city I'm living in! I think we'd have a blast hanging out actually.

I really want to explore the east coast a bit. NYC, Boston, Philadelphia ... these are all places I need to see. NYC would probably be its own trip but I think the main thing stopping me right now is that I don't know who I'd want to travel with! I'm hoping in time, I'll feel comfortable travelling a bit by myself. I have friends that would probably go with me but I need to find someone who wants to see and experience the same things as me, not go clubbing and such.
Oh, I understand! There is so much more to the city than tourist destinations and nightlife! And I think you and I would get along really well IRL, too! I think we're both evil in the same ways.

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