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Just talked to the old man’s doctor again and his health appears to be declining but not rapidly. He is walking with some help but he still needs help to eat and is having trouble swallowing his food. He has also come down with pneumonia and they are treating for that. They can’t use a feeding tube because it could make it worse. They found a mass in one of his kidneys and think that it may be cancer. They can’t do a biopsy because he’s at too high of a risk of dieing from the surgery. So it looks like they can’t really do anything for him.
I lowered the warp pylons to make more room for the windows above them and added a torpedoe tube. I decided I liked the a single tube looked. For some reason I lost this save and will have to redo the tube.

And this is what the shuttle bay might look ike if I decide to go in this direction.

Started to work on a design of a Tholian ship that Atolm asked me to make. Unfortunatly it happened just about the same time my dad got sick so I had to put it off, till now. It’s not part of the Alt-Tos universe because it need to look closer to the original Tos so this new me.

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