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Game Concept?

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, there really is no specific place for fan GAME work; just fiction, art and "productions" and I'm guessing though this is in the concept phase at this time; it'd still most adequately fit in "productions".

First off, a bit of an introduction. For class I have to create a game that is about some part of gaming culture; a game about games. The work we reviewed as a sort of thought template was "The Stanley Parable". I wrote up my design and as I finished the base concept statement; I realized that (1) I was HEAVILY influenced by a particular episode of Voyager "Flesh and Blood" and (2) I'd prefer to use the Star Trek universe over original works. Here looking for assistance in fleshing out the writing of the small game project and for advice as to if using the universe is advisable for the project.

The simple concept is this:
The player character is a young Ensign. Plot starts in a battle simulation on a Holodeck, which is basically a game within a game. The player character considers this game to be lighthearted fun and laughs it off. Shortly after, the young officer is forced into actual battle during an away mission and has psychological issues with killing real intelligent beings. The basic theme here being a game about the difference between real killing and simulated killing and the psychological pain it causes someone to kill intelligent people. The overall idea being to show the difference between video game violence and the real thing.

Intended playthrough length of around 40 mins to two hours. It's a concept for a class project at this point and not a developed one at that. Thoughts?
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