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Re: No attempt to clone The Big Bang Theory yet?

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I've seen about 5 episodes and it seems to be offensive shit that points and laughs at how weird geeks are, for the amusement of mainstream society. Give me Community any day. It laughs with us, not at us.
Comedy that laughs "with us" is for my grandma.
Um, I think what DalekJim was referring to was that BBT gets laughs strictly from mainstream ideas of what "nerds" are. There is not much insight into what real nerd culture is about.

With Community it is more than just laughing "with" us. It appears to be a sit-com made by nerds, acted by nerds, for nerds and if you don't get it, well, oyou better ask somebody. Where BBT is a show about what mainstream adults "think" nerd culture is all about. Thus the very superficial approach.

I'll bet Grandma would be scratching her head trying to figure out Community, but would have no trouble "getting" BBT.
Being a nerd and having lived in nerd culture for oh, 40 plus years, I'd say TBBT gets it right 95% of the time. It veers towards the extreme at times for comedic effect, but it is a comedy. Just as Home Improvement played "macho" guys into do-it-your-self projects for laughs. If TBBT is how "mainstream adults" see us, Community is how we'd like to see our selves: Quirky eccentrics.
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