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Re: I think Keiko gets an undeservedly bad press!

I don't understand any of the criticisms of Keiko. She seems to me like a normal person trying to balance her family life with her career life in a situation where it's exceedingly difficult.

There's only one episode where I don't like Keiko. I don't remember the name but the episode where their marriage comes most in jeopardy, it ends with her locking herself in her room for a while then coming out wearing the dress Miles likes. In every other episode she just comes off as a supportive wife who's willing to sacrifice her career for her family but would prefer not having to.

Have you guys seen the movie Blue Valentine? I bet the debate about that movie will fall in the same way this debate does. I've even heard the same line used to take Ryan Gosling's character's side as I've heard to slam Keiko: "He was trying to make the marriage work". Yeah, he was trying to make the marriage work by forced romantic gestures. And his wife was trying to live her own life in a way that contradicted his romantic desires. O'Brien is a nicer person than Ryan Gosling's character in Blue Valentine but Keiko's situation is similar to his wife: She's trying to live her own life in a way that contradicts male romatic desires, so she gets called a bitch for the same reasons.

Only, O'Brien is a nicer guy.
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